What We Do

Welcome to Wood Windows Restoration

wood windows restoration what we doWood Windows Restoration, are proud to say that we want to restore architectural and old windows as we believe that they are part of our history and should be restored to last even longer.

Some people may say that it is not worth restoring them and their miniscule details, but the quality of the wood and everything used to make them is not found today. Quality of materials in the past was much higher and longer lasting, which is why we can still find windows that are from the 17th century (frequently using Douglas Fir, Scottish Pine and English Oak).

wood windows restoration reclaimed timberAll the production that took place to create the old windows was done through natural means which made them much more longer lasting than the windows produced now. When we restore old windows, we try to use similar materials, such as reclaimed timber, as well as processes.

All of our windows are manufactured at our workshop in London by our team of qualified joiners.

We do not only offer you doors and windows but also patios and other wood appliances such as wardrobes. These projects can be requested by Special Order to be completed by our craftsmen.

Please visit our workshop in Isleworth.