Replacement of the Original Windows

wood window replacement process

Sometimes repairs are simply impossible to be carried out to a window due to the deterioration and the damage being beyond the economic repair, the only choice left is a replacement of the window.

We are proud to say that we can make replacements that will match originals and that are crafted using traditional joinery techniques that have been around for the past 4 centuries. If the customer is intent upon having their windows repaired despite it being beyond economical repair, we will repair them.

wood windows installation When replacing windows, we provide a wide range of glazing options including low e (optional with slim line if you want to keep your original shapes), laminated, toughened, acoustic, sandblasted and patterned glass. Even though the windows are made traditionally and have an original look, we offer many different modern designs of the extras such as patterned glass types.

All double glazed units are argon gas filled as standard. You can also have your joinery draught proofed with brand new furniture fitted.