Repairing of the Existing Windows

wooden windows repairing processRepairing of the existing windows is kept with its architectural style and it enriches both the value and the look of your property.

There are many varied styles and patterns of windows that we are able to replicate using mouldings of the original shape. We can replace the whole window or just the sliding parts only if the existing frames are in good enough shape and condition.

All of our windows are manufactured at our workshop in London by our team of qualified joiners. If you use our full service of painting included, then your windows will be delivered with a comprehensive five years guarantee.

We use the Dulux painting system (a three step painting process), which is of a very high standard and provides your windows with eight years warranty.

Typical window repairs we carry out include: replacement windows cills, conservation repairs, replacement bottom rails and meeting rails, repairs to pulley stiles and linings, broken or cracked panes of glass re-glazed, general wood decay permanently repaired, cracked and missing putty replaced.

The materials we use for our windows are the highest quality. Extensive experience in joinery and carpentry have shown us that only the best and most durable materials are good enough and will last for many years.

Two Stages of the Repairing Process

Stage 1

    windows repairing stage11

  • Window units are carefully removed from the window frame.
  • Any decaying timber in the units, frame or cill is moved around to show the “sound” timber.
  • Occasionally, new reclaimed timber is joined together or replaced where the existing timber is impossible to repair.
  • Our unique resin is used to fill the cavities and is moulded to fit in with the existing shape of the timber.
  • Sash cords are replaced, pulleys are checked and the weights correctly balanced to ensure that the windows work very smoothly.

Stage 2

The process begins with the treatment and restoration of the window.

  • Once installed, draughts and rattles are got rid off and heat loss and dust is greatly reduced.
  • Grooves are routed out of the mid rail and bottom rail.
  • Pile carriers and the correct sized Teflon Gasket (manufacture gives 10 years warranty) are then installed, making the seal a necessary part of the window.
  • The Teflon Gasket is very soft which makes the window work very easily and smoothly.
  • New Parting Beads and Staff Beads that work with the Teflon Gasket complete the seal.

This process makes sure that all gaps around the window are filled, creating a fully filled up and very smoothly operating window.