Upgrading Wood Windows with Double Glazed Units

wood windows rebatingWe can upgrade your single glazed units to sealed double glazed unit, without the need to replace the frame or the box of the original windows.
This process is the rebating of the window.

There are no visible changes to the physical appearance of the window however it reduces energy consumption.

To help you to understand the process of rebating, we have provided a step by step guide of how the process is carried out.

Process of Rebating

  • Firstly, the putties and any brads or pins which hold the glass in its position, are removed.
  • The glass is than carefully removed, the rebate of debris cleaned. The depth of the rebate will need the use of a router for the deepening. This can be done using two ways:
  • Straight fluted cutter will be fitted. A Batten will be used as a guide for the router, the cutter edge placed against the rebate and the batten fixed against the side of the router. This will be repeated for all the sides.
  • Alternatively, if the first method is not suitable, the rebate can be cut with a bearing guided profiler which will follow a straight edge clamped to the box and then the edge of the rebate will be followed as it cuts deeper.
  • The corners will be made into a square shape to remove the radius left by the cutter. Then a bead of glazing tape or putty will be applied to the rebate, before putting in the new double glazed units.
  • Finally, the glazing beads will be secured with pins, additional glazing tape on the back edge will keep moisture out and away from the windows.

This process will make your windows more secure, keeping unwanted sound out and will minimise the heat loss to the external surroundings.