New Windows

Development of New Windows

new windows Designs of traditional windows have been around since the 17th century and we offer you the exact same styles even now in the 21st century. Traditional windows operate by a mechanism that is made of cords and pulleys counterbalanced with weights. We offer many different designs, patterns of windows, colours and types of glass to choose from.

Woodwood we use
To make sure we take care of our environment and make our resources sustainable, for our works we use reclaimed timber. We use the best materials possible, making the quality of the product its highest. If you would have any other preferences to what you would like your windows to be made out of, we can co-operate with you and order the certain type.

We can supply a wide variety of different glass types to suit your specific needs. Patterned, obscure, safety and laminate glass are just a few of the many types that are available for you to choose from.

Colournew windows detail
Once the windows are made and glazed, they will be carefully painted. Our standard finish is white semi gloss inside and outside which consists of a basecoat primer / preservative, two coats undercoat and topcoat. This is a standard procedure done to every window made.

But if you require your windows to be coloured, this can be easily done, just give us the details of the colour you would like, if you need assistance on this we are happy to help.

Double/Triple glazing
double glazingWindows which have two or more layers of glass with a space between them are designed to reduce loss of heat and exclude noise from the outside. This helps to reduce heat loss due to better insulation of the windows and its surroundings.

If you decide to only have the windows replaced to new, not the box, it may be impossible for us to put in standard double glazing due to the fact that the boxes may be too thick. Other options are available if this is the case with your windows.

What we offer

  • Our windows are fitted with any sized spec of the double-glazed units to reduce heat transfer.
  • The glazing units of the window can be clear (which is a standard), toughened (for safety reasons), or obscure.
  • A toughened glass is used in order to comply with the Building Regulations.
  • Our glazing units are filled with Argon gas to prevent heat transfer to reduce its loss- which is used to comply with the Regulations 2010.
  • Wooden glazing bars can be added to a window design for double or triple glazing, adding extra style to the design.

For more legal information, please refer to the official Building Regulations in the UK.