Glass for Wood Windows

glass for wood windowsToughened safety glass
We install toughened safety glass as a standard for every window. Therefore in the case that the glass shatters, it will break into small fragments of glass that are relatively harmless.

Secure glass
We combine warmth and security in one glass, the security glass combines heat-locking of standard sealed units with special elements which make it almost impossible to break through it. The exterior pane is made out of laminated glass, which is two pieces of glass put together by an interlayer of plastic film to reach the maximum strength and resistance possible.

Silent glass
If you have noise problems, silent glass has everything that our standard glass provides but with special soundproofing elements. This could be a triple glazing option, which is an acoustic glass and isolation glass as one.

Obscure glass
Obscure glass will provide you with privacy with stylish appearance as a selection of various patterns are available.

Decorative glass
To improve the appearance of windows, we offer numerous decorative glass patterns such as leaded lights, coloured leaded lights and bevelled glass.

Anti-Sun coming in glass
Anti-Sun coming glass reduces the amount of sunlight that penetrates through the windows.

Self cleaning
We offer self cleaning glass that has a special exterior coating that reacts with sunlight to break up dirt. The coating spreads rainwater across the surface of the window pane, washing all dirt away.