Furniture for Your Windows

wood windowThe window furniture that we use is made to an exceptionally high standard, which creates a stunning finish.

Our window furniture is very important as it not only, adds to the appearance of it but also, the performance of the window as well as its maintenance.

Narrow back fitch fasteners are the most commonly used windows fasteners, which can overcome a typical problem that many windows face. When the windows are made with the option of double glazing units, their timber section appears to reduce significantly in size. The narrow back fitch fastener eliminates this problem as it has a narrow back plate. Camlocks can also resolve this problem.

Where there are still single glazed units or windows which are made with a larger timber section, there will be space to install Brighton Fasteners and/or Beehive pan head locking fasteners. Once the fasteners have been fitted, they complete the final look of the window, maintaining its original style however also increasing the overall security of it.

All fasteners are available in different finishes such as brass, polished chrome or satin chrome. Whilst selecting the finish, please consider the style of your current windows.

  • Narrow back fitch fasteners.
  • Brighton fasteners.
  • Pan head locking straight arm fastener.
  • Beehive locking straight arm fastener.

Window Security

Lock/Sash Stop
A lock can be used as both a security and safety device for a window. It allows the window to be partially open yet locked simultaneously, increasing air circulation.
It is perfect for customers with little children, providing safety for them. Parents have a special key allowing them to open and close the window. This is very good for windows with draught proofing. Unlike some stoppers the lock does not interfere with the window.

Retractable stop for wooden windows
The Retractable Stop for Window is designed to stop windows from opening past each other whilst allowing ventilation.

Wedge stop
The Wedge Stop prevents windows from being opened beyond safe widths while allowing fresh air into the room and can be easily deactivated by an adult in the case of an emergency.

Wooden window stop
The Wooden Window Stop stops windows from sliding past one another, providing protection against illegal entry and preventing children from being able t o climb out of the windows.