Which Way to Go

windows repairRepairing existing windows is kept with its architectural style and it enriches both the value and the look of your property.

Typical window repairs we carry out include: replacement windows cills, conservation repairs, replacement bottom rails and meeting rails, repairs to pulley stiles and linings …more info

Replacement. Sometimes repairs are simply impossible to be carried out to a window due to the deterioration and the damage being beyond the economic repair, the only choice left is a replacement of the window. …more info

New windows. Designs of traditional windows have been around since the 17th century and we offer you the exact same styles even now in the 21st century. Traditional windows operate by a mechanism that is made of cords and pulleys counterbalanced with weights. …more info

Special Offerwood windows replacement

We can upgrade your single glazed units to sealed double glazed unit, without the need to replace the frame or the box of the original windows…more info

There are no visible changes to the physical appearance of the window however it reduces energy consumption.

24/7 Emergency Service

emergency serviceIn the case of an emergency, whether something happens to your window naturally or thieves attempted to enter your house, please give us a ring on the number 07725565573 and we will come straight away to secure the window so no one is able to come through it.
Also, we can make a new window shortly.
We can easily comply with your insurance company.

Whatever time you call us, you will get someone to sort the problem out.